Support our Community.

If you like our community and everything it offers, a small donation would be very helpful 😊.

Our community is trying to provide the best gaming experience and best-made servers, all of them since June 11, 2011.

Both us and our players can confirm that our servers have always offered everything that is best for them and that throughout their stay on the server, everyone has had fun.

But like any community, unfortunately the lack of funds has destroyed many great servers, and this is the main reason why we activate the option to receive donations.

We want to mention from the beginning that we do not want to profit from this and all of the donations will ONLY help us improve the gameplay experience with new features. Everyone can play on the server and it will NEVER be necessary to pay for extra features or facilities that make a big difference between players. However, in order to please everyone willing to donate, there will be special ranks to highlight (but as we mentioned above, thoes ranks will not benefit from P2W advantages but instead, they are presented with aesthetic features and benefits that will not make a difference between normal players).